Byzantium, circa 10th-12th century CE


Found in Genizah of Ben Ezra Synagogue, Fostat, Egypt. Cambridge fragments taken to Cambridge by S. Schechter, 1896–97. Jerusalem fragment acquired by David Kaufmann, formerly in the library of the Jewish Theological Seminary of Hungary. (The Kaufmann Genizah framents were deposited in the library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.) Purloined by a scholar, and taken to Israel, where it was acquired by the JNUL.


Scholia Fragments of a commentary on Ezéchiel and the Minor Prophets written mainly in Hebrew, with many Greek words and phrases, which are employed sometimes to translate the Hebrew of the biblical text, and sometimes to clarify some explanatory point. The Hebrew is heavily influenced by Greek. The commentator is mainly concerned to clarify obscurities and difficulties in the Hebrew. The historical background of the prophecies is sought for the most part in Nebuchadnezzar's invasion of Judaea, but there are also references to the Hasmoneans and to Herod.


Written on two rotuli (scrolls written vertically, made up of strips of parchment sewn together). One was about 3 metres long, the other much shorter. Width: 10.7–12.3 cm. Many sections of text are lacking.


Brown ink. Square Hebrew script. Greek words usually pointed.


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