Byzantium, circa 10th-12th century CE


Found in Genizah of Ben Ezra Synagogue, Fostat, Egypt. Cambridge fragment taken to Cambridge by S. Schechter, 1896–97


Greek glosses on Zachariah, Malachi and Job written in Hebrew letters.


Two leaves of parchment conjoined; badly mutilated and rubbed. The outer side (fols 1 recto and 2 verso) is particularly poorly preserved, and relatively little of the text here is legible. Traces of pricking and scored lines. Overall dimensions: height 8.2 cm., width 16.8 cm. Written space: height 6.2-7 cm., width (on each page, to the colon at the left) 6.5 cm.


Square Hebrew characters, partially pointed (both Hebrew and Greek words).


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