Found in Genizah of Ben Ezra Synagogue, Fostat, Egypt, and taken to Cambridge by S. Schechter, 1896–97


Brief philological notes on the First Book of Kings, extending from 1 Kings 6:20 to 8:37, and including many Greek glosses. There is some overlap with G6 1 Kings. Although the approach is broadly similar, aiming at a straightforward elucidation of the plain meaning of the text, drawing on other biblical passages and Greek translations, this text is far more succinct, hardly going beyond the format of a glossary. The Greek glosses, where we can compare them, are not identical to those in the other fragment.


Two leaves of parchment conjoined and continuous; rubbed and stained with some small holes, but the text is virtually intact. Pricked and ruled with a dry point across the sheet. Overall dimensions: height 13.2 cm, width 25 cm. Written space: 9.5 x 9 cm.


Brown ink. Irregular characters. Pointed throughout, with some exceptions in both Hebrew and Greek. There is extensive use of the dagesh and rafe. Short lines are filled with a row of dots, and Greek words are sometimes broken at a line-division, but some lines extend far into the left margin.


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 Glosses on 1 Kgs 6:20–36 (G8, 1 recto)

 Glosses on 1 Kgs 7:40–8:37 (G8, 2 verso)