A Seminar of the AHRC Greek Bible in Byzantine Judaism Project

13 February, 2007

Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge


9.30-11.30: Prof. Emanuel Tov (Jerusalem), The Greek texts from the Judean Desert and the early history of the Septuagint

11.30-11.45: Coffee

11.45-12.50: Prof. Nicholas de Lange (Cambridge), An early Hebrew-Greek Bible glossary from the Cairo Genizah

13.00-15.00: Break

15.00-16.30: Prof. Philip Alexander (Manchester), Rabbinic attitudes towards translating the Bible into Greek, and towards the extant Greek versions

16.30-17.00: Tea

17.00-18.00: Mr Rodrigo de Sousa (Cambridge), LXX Isaiah and early Jewish interpretation of scripture