“Touching Base: A Joint Seminar of the IOSCS Hexapla Project and the AHRC Greek Bible in Byzantine Judaism Project”

August 17-18, 2006

Faculty of Divinity, University of Cambridge


Thursday, August 17

11.00: Prof. Nicholas de Lange (Cambridge), “The Greek Bible in Byzantine and Ottomon Judaism”

12.00: Prof. Bas ter Haar Romeny (Leiden), "The New Edition of Origen's Hexapla: History, Aims, and Format"


14.00:Dr. Alison Salvesen (Oxford), “Provenance and attribution of readings: how certain can we be, and how significant are they?"

15.00:Prof. Bas ter Haar Romeny, "Drusius, Montfaucon, and Field: Challenges for the New Hexapla Edition from a Historical Perspective"

16.00:Prof. Nicholas de Lange, “An Early Hebrew-Greek Glossary from the Cairo Genizah”

Friday, August 18

9.30:Dr. Cameron Boyd-Taylor (Cambridge), “Codex Ambrosianus and the Hexapla”

10.15:Dr. Julia Krivorouchko (Cambridge), “Textual Variations in the Constantinople Pentateuch”

11.00:Dr. Alison Salvesen, “Presentation on the Hexapla Data Base”

12.00:Project Business